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Adam Smith would approve of Bolivia's solution to narcotrafficking

Here's one thing that's bound to be on the agenda of Dr. Evo Morales when he visits Mexico City next week. UPI reports (translated):

Published 18:27, 18 Feb 2010

Bolivia To Ask Drug Consuming Countries To Reduce Demand

The vice-minister of Social Defence, Felipe Cáceres, said that drug consuming countries will be asked to apply policies that reduce demand.

Cáceres explained that Bolivia wishes to start a shared responsibility in the fight against narcotrafficking, therefore this proposal will be presented to the Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission (CICAD, part of the OAS) and the United Nations Narcotics Commission (UN).

"We will propose to these international organizations that the rich industrialized countries with high levels of (illegal drug) consumption create preventative policies to reduce demand and also that they recognize the efforts of Bolivia in the fight against narcotrafficking", he said.

Cáceres announced that he will present to CICAD and the United Nations in the USA the programs developed by Bolivia in the anti-drugs fight and the eradication of excess coca leaf production.