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ATW Gold (ATW.v): Thick as thieves

Luke Norman
...and Graham Harris.

One is a frontrunning scumbag, and the other is a frontrunning scumbag.

In the post on Friday entitled "Graham Harris: Another day another Canadian rip-off" we noted how Harris, chairman at ATW Gold (ATW.v), decided to frontrun the company-breaking news released on September 18th by selling stock before the news was dissminated to the public and then ignoring rules about disclosure of insider trading by not filing the report until a full five months after the fact.

We then went on to warn people that Harris was the head honcho at Tribune Resources (TNR.f), but that part had a couple of mistakes in it. Firstly, the company has changed its name (gotta cover them tracks, boyz) and is now called 'Tribune Minerals'. But the second mistake turns out to have uncovered a doozy, as A. Reader sent in the latest MD&A of Tribune and pointed out who the new CEO is. Here's the line from the MD&A:
On September 24th, 2009 Luke Norman joined the board of Directors, and was appointed President and CEO.
Yes indeedy folks! Luke Norman, the other frontrunning scumbag from ATW Gold that sold his shares when he knew about the disaster about to hit, didn't tell anyone and then promptly resigned from the company, has taken over the helm at Tribune. Talk about thick as thieves! So let's check over the common points between Graham Harris and Luke Norman:

They both worked at Canaccord.

They both resigned to take up the junior mining game.

They both worked at ATW Gold.

They both reacted to the news of impending disaster like rats, selling their stock before any public disclosure and not disclosing their insider trades until well after the fact.

They now work together to promote their new gig, Tribune.

They are both utter assholes and belong in jail.

For more on the criminal scam known as ATW Gold and great exposés of the bullshit pumphouse newsletter writers that promo'd this dog to their massed audiences, check out the great blog "atwgold's blog". Make sure you scroll to the bottom to get the full experience.