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Trading Post (access denied edition)

Dorato Resources (DRI.v) down 30.5% at $0.57 on first trades after being halted all morning. I laughed hard at its lipstick-on-a-pig NR this morning as apparently DRI is going to complain to the Canadian embassy in Peru, to Harpo, Queen Liz II, Barack Obama, the IMF, the Court of Human Rights in The Hague...... and all their mommies. Lawyers for DRI will recommend discourse tactics that include foot-stomping, pouting, tears and shouting "IT'S NOT FAIR!! IT'S NOT FAIR!!" as loudly as possible.

Antares (ANM.v) up 2.5% at $1.63. Strong news release today and much better than average volumes recorded in this stock too. Shhhhh, Elmer.... wabbit season.

B2Gold ( down 0.8% at $1.25. Subscribers received a Flash update on this stock this morning. Volumes relatively low. Here's the six month chart for BTO.

Fronteer (FRG) down 2.3% at U$4.65 despite more strong news from one of its Nevada gold projects, this time the Northumberland asset. Here's the PR, worth a look at the high grade results found. FRG just keeps on moving forward in the right way.