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According to someone who REALLY knows, this is why Evo Morales should win The Nobel Peace Prize

Pérez Esquivel (for it is he)

Adolfo Pérez Esquivel is the head of the highly regarded organization Serpaj (Spanish acronym that stands for "Argentina Service for Peace and Justice") . He is also a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, having won the award in 1980 (remember the days when they used to give the prize out to people that actually deserved it? Seems so long ago now.....).

Pérez Esquivel yesterday made official his backing for Evo Morales to win the prize. The laureate said (translated):

"Evo Morales Ayma is named (by Serpaj) as candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize for his permanent struggle for social justice, respect for cultural diversion, his constant efforts for Latinamerican and Caribbean integration, and the respect, peace and coexistence between nations."

Apparently this year there are something like 234 names entered as candidates for the big award (an all-time record) so there's plenty of competition. But away from the 24 hour a day biased bullshit you're fed by English language media, the good works of Evo Morales are recognized by people that hold real weight in the world of peace and social justice. Just marking your card in case Evo actually goes and wins the darned thing.