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Branko has left the building and is very unlikely to return

Thanks due to reader 'JR' for passing on this report from Bolivia Weekly. The news concerns our favourite LatAm fascist Branko Marinkovic, chickenshit multimillionaire and coupmonger who fled Bolivia after his racist plot failed. Here's the first part pasted and make sure you click through for the rest.

Ex-Aid Testifies that Marinkovic Financed Accused Terrorists

On March 17th, former Santa Cruz civic leader Branko Marinkovic’s longtime personal assistant and right-hand man for 14 years Juan Judelka confirmed that Marinkovic was financing a group called “La Torre” that is accused of terrorist conspiracy. Judelka declared under oath before prosecutor Marcelo Soza in La Paz that Marinkovic had on several occasions given him money in closed envelopes to deliver to Hungarian-Croatian-Bolivian Eduardo Rozsa Flores who was shot by police in a raid on the Las Americas hotel in Santa Cruz on April 16th, 2009. The Bolivian government accuses the deceased Rozsa Flores of being an international mercenary paid by Santa Cruz leaders to assassinate President Morales.

Judelka said, “If I did not testify earlier it was because of pressure by Mr. Marinkovic’s lawyer, but in my testimony I said that I effectively carried money from Branko to the La Torre (accused terrorist cell led by Rozsa Flores), after that Mr. Orlando Justiniano asked me to take this money to a Mr. “Germán” who was really Rozsa Flores.” The Bolivian government is accusing the Santa Cruz state government of organizing the La Torre group during CONTINUES HERE

Message to Simone Rosemary: You still proud of that fawning interview you did with Branko, dumbass? For those with better sense of the obvious than the NYT's star in LatAm, this post by Duderino will remind you just what this piece of shit Branko was trying to do to Bolivia. Fortunately, democracy is alive and well in Bolivia thanks to Dr. Morales.