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Bribery and corruption amongst Argentina's customs officials? Shocked! Ah wuz Shocked ah say!

(pretty OT, here's the front cover of this week's Barcelona for those that understand)

This one is going to be interesting, not least because of the ever growing levels of cocaine exports registered recently out of Argentina and headed for Spain. Here's the first couple of paragraphs from this Clarín report today on how the head of the Argentine customs services at Buenos Aires' main International airport 'Ezeiza' (i.e. the main man head honcho) has been arrested. The man is obviously guilty as he has a dubious background.....he's a director of Boca Jrs.

It had just passed 1am yesterday morning when the doorbell rang at the house of Carlos Mechetti in Pinzón street of the Barracas neighbourhood. The number one customs official at Ezeiza airport opened the door and was immediately arrested, accused of leading a criminal band dedicated to accepting bribes to allow contraband through the international airport.

Just after the arrest, investigators of the Airport Security Police Force (PSA) in charge of the operation searched the house and found there U$800,000 and ArgP$120,000. Some of the confiscated banknotes were in the house safe deposit box. Other notes were found in shoeboxes.

Report Continues here