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Copper Fox (CUU.v) and one teeny tiny piece of The IKN Weekly, issue 44, published yesterday

There were over 13,000 words in The IKN Weekly issue 44 yesterday. Here are 114 of them:

Copper Fox (CUU.v): This is my idea of a near-term springer (a thought that has been the kiss of death to many a speculation). Not only is it cheap right now, it’s sitting next to the overhyped Novagold (NG) that has just secured $100m worth of financing from a man with more money than sense. If PDAC gossip starts swinging round to the chances of NG hoovering up neighbour plays cheaply, CUU might just decide to go on a run. And for what it’s worth, volumes on Friday suddenly lifted off with just an hour left on the clock and broke though what looked like a mini-iceberg at 16.5c. A short-term flip speculation possible.

Then just to make sure, in the conclusion there was this little reminder:

Aside from the usual suspects, keep Copper Fox (CUU.v) on your radar as a potential quick flip trade for the reasons mentioned above....I have a feeling in my bones about that one.

So how's this CUU.v stock getting on today?
Oh look, 23.5% up. Just sayin'....