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Focus Ventures (FCV.v)

Focus Ventures (FCV.v) came out with drill results from its 'Nueva California' project this morning. Find the presser right here and find the market reaction right here:

Yup, exploration is a tough, tough game. The drills found gold, but really not enough to make anybody go "this is a mine". However all is not lost, cos the people behind FCV.v aren't a bunch of scamsters. Quite the opposite in fact; they have a high reputation for good work and honesty (not like others we could mention that constantly BS the market and need to be avoided like the plague).

So Focus Ventures has lost a round in the fight, but not the fight itself. Over at The IKN Weekly we've been watching and waiting on the stock without taking a position, so if the price drops sufficiently there may eventually be a buying opportunity (but there'll be no rush to move in this week, that's for sure). More on Sunday, folks, but so far the waiting game on this play has paid off.