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Links for those suitably versed in the language of Cervantes

A statistically-packed critique of the current situation regarding hydrocarbons exploration in Peru's Amazon basin from Jurgen Schuldt. Sharp, witty and as always right on the ball.

In South America women have their day today. Men get the other 364. It may be sad but it's also true. Chigüire puts in a dose of very good satire on the subject here, while the nastier side of the lack of women's rights is examined in this article (takeaway phrase, "You must have done something to make him hit you"). The countries on show are Venezuela and Bolivia, but frankly it could be anywhere on the continent.

Were you silly enough to have bought Dorato Resources (DRI.v) on the puff-piece bounce this morning? If you did, you really really don't want to read this article in La Republica.