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Trading Post (the fish restaurant where I go once a week is better than any fish restaurant you've ever been to edition)

Far West Mining ( up 5.8% at $5.50 and displaying all the signs of imminent takover this week. We know it has a heavy-hitting sponsor and we know it has an economic looking plan for a copper mine. Only time will tell so DYODD, dude.

TheNewCrystallex (EC.v) down 2.5% at $0.78....I spose this way it'll make the rebound more ejaculative for the rah-rah brigade that still believes in this tripe. I laugh in the face of EC longs, but only in that 'look at the young punks who think they're clever' kinda way. Nothing serious.

MAG Silver (MVG) up 2.6% at U$7.48. I let mine go yesterday....what does Rick Rule know anyway? :-)

Fronteer Development Corp (FRG) up 3.5% at U$4.77. This stock has one of those two steps forward one step back high beta to Au trading patterns about it. Today's one of the two steps forward days, it seems. Your author is long this one and in no hurry at all to cash in a very decent profit so far. That's cos it's going higher.

Affinity Gold (79F.f) (AFYG.ob) down whole bundles at 30c Euro cents and 36c US cents. O RLY? Is this the same stock that IKN called a blatantly obvious scam when it stood at over four Euros on December 16th? Why, yes it is! Hoodathunkit?