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Trading Post (pathetic edition)

Of all the serial hatemailers that waste their time by writing in and telling this humble scribe that IKN is teh stooopid (then continue reading every day), my favourite is a guy that works at the Canada's Department of Public Works And Government Services at its Gatineau branch, Quebec. He actually bothers changing his faked name every time he writes in, too...bless him!

Yesterday he went by the name "Pathetic" and chewed me out for not mentioning Dynasty Metals & Mining ( recently. This proves that he's not a subscriber, because in IKN46 out last weekend we dedicated six full pages to the recent developments and newsflow at and made some changes to the reco, too. Donc Monsieur Pathetique, if you really want to know more about DMM just send me a mail and I'll happily send you by return a comp copy of IKN46. But make sure you say "please" this time, yeah?

Fortuna Silver ( up 2.3% at $2.67. Yup, the market liked the annuals and the confcall.

Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) up 1.00% at 10,944. So what was that about Greece again? And Portugal?

Riverside Resources (RRI.v) down 3.4% at $0.57. RRI has been treading water recently and this humble author would really like to see the company get some snazzy new project on its books. The mgmt is top class and utterly trustworthy. That alone is worth its weight in gold in this scam ridden sector.

TheNewCrystallex (EC.v) down 2.6% at $0.76. TheNewCrystallex has been doing its normal manipulated rollercoaster thing these last few days.
Hmmmm....big volumes on the drops and little stuff to push it back up....whatever can it possibly mean? Waddaya say, owly?