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Trading Post (slice 'em in two wit' breadknife edition)

You were lucky.

Carpathian Gold ( down 9.6% at $0.37 and feeling the brunt of the drop in gold price.

Rio Alto Mining (RIO.v) up 5.9% at $0.72. Subscribers received a Flash update on this stock yesterday evening. These two stocks (CPN and RIO) are examples of many today, with some getting discounted on the drop in metals prices but others showing a resiliance which surprised this humble author.

Fronteer Development Corp (FRG) down 1.8% at U$4.90 and holding up ok, too. Also true for its JV partner at Long Canyon AuEx Ventures ( which is up 0.7% at $3.02 today, but that one moves on much lower volume.

Great Panther Silver ( down 4.7% at $0.84. IKN46 on Sunday had a closer look at some of the numbers behind this stock. Let's be diplo (for a change) and just say that the 10% drop seen in GPR since its year-end numbers has not come as a surprise.