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Trading Post (strange brew edition)

Vena Resources ( up 3% at $0.34 and following through on its good day yesterday. News that newboy Lima brokers Kallpa (who did such a good job with the local listing of Rio Alto (RIO.v) recently) has taken VEM on as a client in Peru has seen strong volume in the Lima exchange today, with right now a 6.25% climb and 425k shares traded there. VEM is finally getting its act together, methinks. It's taken long enough.

Fortuna Silver ( down 0.4% at $2.66 and taking a breather from the recent upside moves. We're still waiting on the publication of the San José PFS, which I hear now looks set for "early April" (whatever that may mean). No worries, we be patient dudes here and we lurve FVI.

Carpathian ( UNCH at $0.38 on low volumes. CPN looked like breaking out a couple of weeks ago but has gone all quiet on the world again. Ho hum.

B2Gold ( UNCH at $1.26 on good volumes. BTO has traded like a dog for the past couple of weeks. Over at The IKN Weekly we marked this one down for a quick ST trade and it looked good for a while, but didn't reach our target and has now fallen back to (more or less) its starting point. So be it. .

Cardero Resources (CDY) down 1.5% at U$1.33. Wowsers, you just gotta love the way these guys have managed to add shareholder value all through this metals bull.....
.....but don't worry shareholder; even if you haven't benefitted much yourself you've managed to make Henk a rich man (and ValuePro has managed to keep up on his mortgage payments thanks to you, too). Bet that makes you feel better, eh?