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Trading Post (that was peedac week edition)

I wonder how all the dumbasses bleating for the end of the Euro/BritPound are feeling right now?

Nadagold (NG) up 1.4% at U$7.33. We're going to take a closer look at the whats and whys of the recent Paulson/Soros buy-in of NG coming in IKN45 on Sunday. Over at the Weekly we take things seriously y'see. Less rant, more thought.

Blue Sky Uranium (BSK.v) up 5.7% at $0.74. This one got da pump-o from Brent Cook as a top pick call on the BNN Market Watch segment last night and was trading at 76c earlier. Ross Beaty bought a chunk of this one earlier in the year, too. Personally I fail to see how this one can be loved and at Macusani (JVing with Cameco) can be ignored, but that's just me.

Minco Gold Corp ( down 5.1% at $1.30. There's always plenty of competition for the prize, but wins this year's "PDAC Bullshit Pump Sheep Special" award for this news release on Tuesday.
The stock jumped loads, as it got compared to a nearby 10m oz Au deposit in China on the basis of a four trenches over a supposed 6km mineralized structure! WTF??? Proof of stupidity is never far away when the words "gold" and "mine" are used in the same sentence. Really disgraceful news release and I pity the suckers who buy into this kind of crap.

Candente Copper ( up 14.7% at $0.43. The oversubbed financing is closed, the stock moves. Still plenty left to find if it wants to live up to previous expectations.