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Scotia upgrades Troy Resources ( (

"When you make the finding yourself, even if you're the
last person on Earth to see the light, you never forget it."

Carl Sagan

For those with longer memories, we at IKN chortled hard at Scotia Capital and Trevor Turnbull when he downgraded Troy Resources ( ( last year, at the exact same time that the stock started its big run from the very low $1s to the high $2s. However, fair dinkum to the dude for two reasons:
1) He took his dosage like a man (far better than the normal whining from the analyst community, it must be said).

2) Today he's re-rated Troy Resources again, upgrading and raising his target to CAD$2.50 (as reported on the DJNW wires, no link sorry)
We like Trevor Turnbull. And we very like Troy Resources. DYODD, dude.