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Seabridge Gold (SA) ( A humungous exposé by Citron Research

After this humble scribe mentioned Seabridge Gold (SA) ( a couple of days ago, kind reader 'TS' sent along a couple of links to recent articles written on the company by Citron Research.
The first one dated March 1st is here.

The second one dated March 10th is here.

Both are magnificent exposé articles and must-read fodder for all minehead investors who are fed up with being ripped off left, right and centre. Citron looks carefully at the background of SA and finds more red flags than Tiannamen Square on Mao's birthday. Features include

  • The dubious nature of the gold resources held by SA
  • The obscure background of the person on whose opinion the resource relies
  • The failed companies and previous scams and litigations connected to main company players
  • The SEC clampdown on the wilder claims illegally made (and still being made) by SA
  • etc

Kudos to Citron. Now go read both.