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Trading Post (early Elmer edition)

It's a touch after 11am local time and the market is overall dull, so I'm going to escape for a couple of hours and treat myself to a plate of fish.

Fortuna Silver ( down 9.8% at $2.50. It got whacked by a seller at the bell and hasn't jumped back, which gives value traders a window on a short-term trade methinks. Word is that the FVI great&good are stuck in Europe waiting for a flight out of a very boring city (not naming it). Volcanoes, eh?

Rio Alto (RIO.v) up 5.2% at $0.81 and looking very perky after trading back at that 73c level at the open. Nice volumes too.

Extorre ( down 5.6% at $2.86. This new spin-out stock has been zooming recently, but has fallen back on the day news comes out on the main asset down South Argy way. Buy the rumour sell the news looks like the story here, but the contents of the NR are strong. They got very good grade (a key positive on smaller deposits) and are eyeing up a 2m oz Au Eq deposit now. Not shabby and we like this a lot more than the Caspiche white elephant.

Focus Ventures (FCV.v) down 1.7% at $0.57. vewy vewy huntin' wabbit.

ATW Gold (ATW.v) down 14.3% at $0.12. Hey, why not ask Bob Moriarty why he doesn't pump this any longer. It was his "stock of the year" in 2009.