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Well, here's an example. This section is found in IKN42, dated February 21st 2010:

Antares Minerals (ANM.v): Ducks in line

I want to take a moment to emphasize my confidence in the current investment in Antares Minerals (ANM.v). Yes, I am long. Yes, it’s already a top pick selection. Yes, the whole investment was outlined in the NOBS report in IKN32 (if you’re new round here and want a copy, just say the word). But every now and again, and it doesn’t happen very often, my feelings on a stock go from strong buy to “man, I just have to pound on the table about this one as hard as I possibly can”. The last time it happened was in Dynasty Metals in December 2008 (DMM was at $1.40 or so at the time). There have been a few other occasions but I don’t want to fill up this report with “hey-look-at-me-aren’t-I-wonderful” types of commentary about past trades that have worked out well.

The point is that Antares has that “ducks in line” feeling about it, right here and right now. Therefore this short section is the sound of me banging on the table about the stock and waiting to see how the next few chapters of new resource number plus PDAC plus Xstrata at Las Bambas plus continued strength in copper plus beginnings of market awareness in ANM all combine.

Since that was written, six weekends have passed us by. Here's the price chart from then til now.

The IKN Weekly never has more than 15 stocks recommended as it's far too easy to "pick" 150 stocks, later claim massive wins on one or two of them and ignore the other duffers. As for Top Pick stocks, there are only two right now. One is ANM, (above) and the other is up 232.1% in less than a year. But it's likely that a third will be added soon.

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Promo completed, have a nice day.