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Who the hell is Erik Townsend?

I'd like to know so that I can shake his hand and say, "Damn straight dude".

Townsend has written an extended article that all GATAsheep need to read and consider. Entitled "Debunking the Post CFTC Precious Metals Fear Mongering Campaign" it looks into the allegations cooked up by the charlatans at GATA about that recent "we've got proof that the silver market is rigged" episode. Townsend's article is detailed and takes in all the angles well so it must be read in its entirety, but here's just one of the header bullet points to give a taste:
"Despite the best efforts of some responsible journalists including Jim Puplava, others including Tyler Durden (ZeroHedge) and Eric King (King World News) have contributed to the misinformation campaign by promulgating GATA’s baseless allegations."
Exactly, Erik. Here finishes off his piece by saying....
If you’re a GATA member, for heaven’s sake hold the leadership accountable for their atrocious handling of this entire affair.
....and I can't agree more with that one, except to add that you're wasting your time and your money by being a member of that clown's brigade. These GATA jokers have pulled the wool over too many eyes for too long. Their self-serving agenda needs to be laid out for all to see. Here's the link to Townsend's excellent and well-researched article again. Necessary reading for all metalheads. Now use the link.