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Catching up with Greystar Resources (

I know what you want to ask me;
"Hey Otto, how's the market psychology being acting in the last ten days as regarding Greystar Resources after its bad dose of news from Colombia's environmental people?"
It's the question on everyone's lips, of course, so once you've checked over the Greystar ( press release from two Mondays ago (the IKN parsing is here and much more fun than the plain vanilla NR), take a look at this 10 day price chart and the notes on the numbers below. All explained and with plenty of time left over for tea and buns.

1) Life is beautiful
2) Holy crap! We're screwed!
3) I'm not joking, we're really, really screwed.
4) Nah, you're all overreacting, dudes.
5) Oh crap....we really are screwed
6) Wait a minute.....
7) GSL is appealing and they say it's all right! YAY!
8) Nope...toldya I was right first time.
9) We are screwed.

Any further questions?