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GringoMask: The best protest against Arizona's racism so far

hat tip to The Mex Files

The new overtly racist laws passed recently in Arizona need no link here as they've had enough coverage already (and anyone not aware of the new laws and reading these words might want to question why they're reading a blog on LatAm affairs in the first place). We've had "Los Suns" as a protest and we've had people and groups withdrawing (or at least threatening to withdraw) economic support from Arizona, but really the laws are so freakin' bigoted and ridiculous that the best method of protest is ridicule itself.

Step forward GRINGO MASK DOT COM, a great initiative that pours scorn on Arizona in its own special way. You just gotta go over and see for yourself, but to swipe the blurb from the site:

(click image for sharper view)

IKN gives a standing ovation to Gringo Mask. Go over and show your support, people.