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The main difference between Chile's mining industry and Peru's mining industry is that........

....Chile, being the closest thing LatAm has to a serious country, takes a responsible attitude towards Health & Safety issues. Meanwhile Peru doesn't give a rat's ass about the number of people that die on the job.

Take for example the news out today from Breakwater Resources (, that reports its Toqui mine in Chile has been closed down pending the investigation into an accidental death on site this weekend. One death = mine closed and authorities wanna know what's going on (which is how it's supposed to be, folks).

Now take the example of Pan American Silver (PAAS) ( that has managed to see not one but 24 deaths at its operations in Peru (yeah seriously, TWENTY FREAKIN' FOUR!!) in the last ten years but its operations have never been shut down by the authorities, its accident record never questioned in the official offices and therefore has just kept on killing and killing and killing.

Hey Ross, maybe that Curly flower is telling you something after all....