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The ten best urban spots for investment in LatAm

A new study called the Index of Attractiveness for Urban Investments (Índice de atractividad de inversiones urbanas), published last week by the Centre of Strategic Thinking of the University of Rosario in Colombia (what a mouthful) in conjunction with private sector consultors 'Business Intelligence' of Chile, ranked up for us all the ten best urban areas in LatAm for foreign investment. Here's the list:

Best LatAm urban investment places, 2010
1 Mexico City Mexico
2 Sao Paulo Brazil
3 Santiago Chile
4 Rio de Janeiro Brazil
5 Buenos Aires Argentina
6 Bogota Colombia
7 Panama City Panama
8 Monterrey Mexico
9 Lima Peru
10 Brasilia Brazil
source: CPE Colombia, IdN Chile

Top is Mexico City (known as DF Mexico in Spanish, fwiw). Next comes Sao Paulo, which is one of three entries in the ten claimed by Brazil (and Mex gets two with Monterrey). After that we have Santiago de Chile (thanks to 'Chelle), Buenos Aires Argentina (no thanks to any of the politicos ever, all thanks to the great people), Bogota (go Antanas!!), Panama City (cos they speak a lot of English) and Lima there in ninth place (they didn't visit Cono Norte, obviously).

So big props to Mexico City, props to all the others and "must try harder" if your fave 'hood didn't make it. Mojitos served, the end.