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Trading Post (better redmetal than deadmetal edition)

I would personally like to apologize on behalf of Dr. Copper to all those bears that thought today's rebound was impossible and that the price should already be under $3/lb if there were any justice in the world. Both the doctor and I are sorry about the money you're losing. Not.

Rio Alto Mining (RIO.v) up 2.6% at $0.78 and the great'n'good of Peru's mining world gather tonight for RIO-sponsored cocktails in a swanky downtown Lima hotel. Expect good RIO volumes on the BVL mañana.

Copper Mountain ( up 5.1% at $2.67 on good volumes. The can of corn players waited on the sidelines for days while the nervous sold out, but today they decided to wait no longer and stepped in. The result is leading the field again.

TheNewCrystallex (EC.v) up 2% at $0.255, just to prove that we do feature this scam-laden dog of a joke company when it has a positive day. Hey, in fact we did the same when it was trading over a buck....just a few weeks ago, that was :-).

AuEx Ventures ( up 5% at $3.57 and this stock has bounced back fast and strong from the dumpations. Your author has heard larger market voices saying good things about XAU in recent days. DYODD on this cos I'm longer since 2009 at lower prices. My idea of a well-run, undervalued gold explorer.