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Recommended site: Hemispheric Brief

A nice map that gets big if you click on it

This is a post that should have been written a long time ago, so today's the day things get put right. Joshua Frens-String runs a blerg called 'Hemispheric Brief', and every day it puts out a daily digest post of events and newsworthy items in a single compilation post. His daily post always has plenty of useful links and good, reasoned commentary on the issues.

It's a great resource and I'm putting it on my RSS today (after being reminded of the site's existence by being linked here this morning, thanks Joshua). If you want a smart, easy to read, pan-LatAm resource that will keep you up with the news in the English language it's a top choice. Also, as from today you'll find a direct link on the IKN blogroll, over there on the right.

Here's the link again to Hemispheric Brief, so make use of it.