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needs a hangar like this one, methinks

Hey, remember that brand spanking new Presidential jet that Bolivia just bought for a tad under $40m? The one that was originally ordered by Manchester United but it turns out that debt ridden club didn't have the moolah? Well it's in the news again this week. Here's a direct translation from Prensa Latina:

Investigation Ordered into Bolivian Air Force Incident

Wednesday July 7th 2010 17:11

Bolivian Defense Minister Rubén Saavedra today ordered an investigation into the activation of a missile on a T-33 fighter plane that nearly impacted the Presidential plane, the Falcon 900 EX Easy.

According to preliminary reports, the missile was activated this afternoon (Weds 7th) at the Bolivian Air Force base in the city of El Alto, and passed one metre behind the tail of the Evo Morales' Presidential jet, of French construction, that was delivered last Thursday to La Paz.

The missile eventually impacted a house close to the air base without causing any personal injury.

"We have asked for a summary of information, in the charge of an official of the air force and expect that in 48 hours we will have the final result of this process", said Saavedra.

Regarding the house affected by the missile, located on Avenue Juan Pablo II in El Alto, Saavedra assured those present that the air force would pay all repair costs.

Imagine if it were an F16 and the Obamamobile?