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Trading Post (faking stress edition)

B2Gold ( up 3.4% at $1.52 and was up more earlier, with the market liking its move to cash in on Kupol. Heavy volume traded, 7.3m and counting. Here's Haywood's call on the Kinross deal.

Antares Minerals (ANM.v) up 1.9% at $2.66 on fair volumes, the market liking last night's news on Haquira, too. We'll be talking more on this one in the Weekly. ConfCall about to start.

Ventana Gold ( up 0.5% at $6.73. Up a touch today, but VEN continues in its lacklustre funk. True for Calif Vetas neighbours Galway (GWY.v) (79c, was plenty over a loonie recently) and Greystar ( ($3.83, but knocked back by a downwards revision in project economics more than anything else) too. Colombia not so hot now?

Pediment ( UNCH at $1.08 and still flitting around this new trading range. Our buy price hasn't hit yet, so waiting on the sidelines til then.

TheNewCrystallex (EC.v) at 16c...still waiting for those apologies, dumbasses.