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It never rains in Southern California....

......but it never freakin' stops in Panama. Check out this rainfall map of the Coclé area, send in by kind reader 'JG' and compiled from Panamanian govt data. You see where 'Coclecito' is? That's right next door to Petaquilla Minerals ( and its Molejón trainwreck of a mine currently seeing its cup overfloweth (a cup filled with cyanide) right now.

Click to enlarge (gets big and easy to read)

It's incredible to think that this company had no emergency run-off tailing pond ready when it rushed into production early this year, something clearly stipulated as obligatory in the Evironmental Impact Study report. Irresponsible, thy name is Fifer.

UPDATE: A good overview of the story so far from the evergreat Bananama Republic that ties a lot of the strings together.