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Trading Post (Jon Stewart edition)

Check out Daily Show, Stewart was so good last night as he got in touch with his better Sanchez.

Fortuna Silver ( up 5.9% at $3.24 and bouncing back from yesterday's handwringing. O RLY?
Mercer Gold (MRGP.ob) down 8.9% on the day that the metal in its name hits a new all-time record. Now, let's just keep it simple and think about those two facts. See any clues about the real nature of this company?

Constitution Mining (CMIN.ob) down 10.0% at $0.27. See MRGP commentry.

Ventana Gold ( up 4.3% at $10.57 on the back of another good NR with the new Aserradero zone showing gold too, now. IKN predicts this one much higher than today's price come December 31st 2010. So there.