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The UN Human Development Index, LatAm's rankings

The United Nations has its five-yearly Human Development Index out this week, so if you want the nitty gritty on it all click through to the UN page right here. Meanwhile, IKN charts how LatAm countries are faring amongst the 169 countries in the survey.

Best ranked is Chile at number 45, with Argentina close behind. But what we really need is context, so digging a little deeper this chart shows how LatAm states have developed in the five year period since the last report, dated 2005. The green bars show the positive ranking moves made, the red ones mean that the country has slipped down the rankings by the number indicated. No bar by the country name means no change.

We now see the best progress has been made (according to the UN at least) by Argentina, Panama and Peru, with Venezuela, Chile and Colombia all doing good too. The biggest drop is registered by Bolivia, with Mexico, Ecuador and Nica all moving down by two spots as well.