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Who leads the polls in Argentina?

On the death of Nestor Kirchner there were some weird reactions, with the one that really stands out in the memory being the way Argentine bonds rallied because the market was calling for the end of the "K" era. There was also a lot of speculation about power vacuums and how Klishtina couldn't/wouldn't/shouldn't be able to do the job going forward without Nestor by her side.

I found it all very confusing, frankly. As soon as he died, my reaction to the Argentine politics scene was nailed to this blog for all to see:
"To add my own little dos centavitos, right now I'd make Cristina a red hot favourite for re-election next year..."
Then in other posts recently, the same story. So while watching the (probably Clarín-led) gossip swirl and seeing the EngLang media swallow it whole, I just kept thinking to myself, "Just you wait til you see the next set of opinion polls". And they're now with us, courtesy of Los3Chiflados:

Any questions about the Spanish vocab being used there, dudes? The thing about Argentina is that you can't just watch it to be able to begin to understand it; You need to have lived it.