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Wistar Holt writes in to IKN

His message?


..put your money where your mouth is you motherfucken coward!
The number is ninety. So what's special about 90c and Well, start by considering the 50.9m warrants outstanding at ECU with an average weighting of 92c.

To be frank I didn't think it would even get close, but $26/oz silver helps even the worst of the pack and so here we are at 87c today. If it hits 90c, your humble scribe will re-open his short position (a previous winner and still waiting in the wings). What with GataBill planning to sell a whole heap of his position, odds are in favour here. DYODD

Nice man, isn't he? Mind you, he does have a history of pathological behaviour and so after seeing all silver stocks around his biggest holding triple and quadruple and finally getting a move from his biggest holding (he was buying at $3.50, remember) it's only to be expected that he's letting off some steam. Jeez, it's been burning you this long, has it Wisty? Glad to know you're a regular visitor round here, anyway :-)

As subscribers know, your author was away from the office today. But fear ye not, Wistar, I'll be taking the lid off the short first thing tomorrow morning. Oh, by the way Wisty, a coward is someone who can't ever admit they're wrong, not someone who's holding the gains this humble scribe is holding so far this year, so check the mirror for a good example of a coward.

UPDATE: Another mail from Holt which includes this line:
"I swear to God that if I ever come across you in person, I will rip you apart."
You know, I think even writing things like that is illegal, Wistar.