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Bayfield (BYV.v): Are the Casey pump boys who ran that $1.40 financing on BYV and pocketed those finder's fees available for comment?

No, seriously....Louis James might fall for scamming Katusa's crap, but...really......

Yep the 89.96g/t hit looks pretty, but the residual 45.5m is 0.16g/t gold!'s 400m underground, too. Want some help with a few strip rate calculations on an open pitter yet, Lobito?

Bayfield Drills 89.96 g/t Gold Over 1.1m Within 46.6m of 2.28 g/t Gold in Rainy River, NW Ontario

According to the NR, CEO Pettit of BYV (the same dude that was selling his shares hand over fist at the $1+ prices brought about by the Casey pumpjob that lined plenty of pockets inside Casey Research) is (quote) "very excited with the results" today. Presumably he gets all nervous on rollercoasters too.