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recent buys

Away from the longer-term positions held by The IKN Weekly with their multiple-bagger wins, we've been adding new names to the list in the last three months. In total we've added eight buys to the list since September and here are the dates of purchase and the percentage change since we bought (something we track every single week for every company covered, be the results good or bad). The only things missing here are the names of the stocks...for obvious reasons. The percentages changes are good as at yesterday

stock added % change since buy
22-sep-10 54.5%
26-sep-10 48.3%
03-oct-10 45.3%
13-oct-10 20.5%
13-oct-10 59.1%
07-nov-10 16.0%
21-nov-10 52.4%
05-dec-10 34.7%

Just lucky I guess. DYODD