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Stock Pump of the Year

This is fun. Green Laser Reviews, the site dedicated to tracking huckster stock promos, is out with a "2010 Best of the Worst Awards" today to highlight the most shamefaced pumpjobs seen during the course of the year. Much to our pleasure, GLR has chosen Porter Stansberry's Nautilus ( scam as winner of "Stock Pump of the Year", the very same BS job IKN noted earlier in the year when the whole sheep-shearing episode took place. Here's an extract:

“Stock Pump of the Year”

awarded to Stansberry & Ass. for
“Underwater Gold Sands”
The Green Laser Editorial Board unanimously decided to single out this well-orchestrated, exquisitely circumlocuted, letter-of-the-law promotion as the past year’s most ingenious example of copywriting telekinesis, which purely by accident CONTINUES