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Peru exports 1994 to date...and copper and gold

Here come three charts: The first shows Peru's exports in US Dollar terms, 1994 to date (including the record export numbers just posted in September 2010), as exports are the whole backbone of the Peru economic expansion. The other two charts show the pirces for Peru's number one and number two exports, namely copper and gold. And be clear that those two make up a lot of the pie, folks, as according to IKN estimates (using MEM production figures and London average spot prices for September), just copper and gold make up 41% of all exports out of Peru by dollar value.

Peru: Economic Miracle or just plain lucky? YOU BE THE JUDGE!

Mickey Fulp, Rare Metals, BNN

Mercenary Geologist Mickey Fulp was on BNN last night, talking rare metals plays, the REE market and all sorts of other REEstuff. Check out his opinions and ideas on ways to play this sector via this link right here.

OT: Why men make better advisors

Clipping sent in by JS.


The Friday OT: Roy Buchanan; When a guitar plays the blues

Play that blues guitar.

Thanks J :-)

ECU Silver's ( magic number

The number is ninety. So what's special about 90c and Well, start by considering the 50.9m warrants outstanding at ECU with an average weighting of 92c.

To be frank I didn't think it would even get close, but $26/oz silver helps even the worst of the pack and so here we are at 87c today. If it hits 90c, your humble scribe will re-open his short position (a previous winner and still waiting in the wings). What with GataBill planning to sell a whole heap of his position, odds are in favour here. DYODD.

Pity the poor bastards that get suckered by these criminals this time around

Watch out greenhorns, ATW Gold (ATW.v) is being resurrected by the outright scumbags Graham Harris, Brent Butler and Andrew Bowering, authors of one of the most disgusting episodes of blatant frontrunning insider stock sales in recent memory. The whole sordid story is documented on this link (scroll down for several posts) so I'm not going to go into it too much here (kinda makes me queasy just thinking about what those poor excuses for human beings got away with), because here we're noting that ATW.v is looking to try and work its scumball magic on a new set of suckers.

First up, let's note the sweetheart options deal just handed out to insiders and the way scumbag supreme Graham Harris (ex-Canaccord, what a shocker) has been loading up on cheap stock (from part of the dirty cash he made off with via his deplorable frontrunning insider sales last year, no doubt):

ATW Gold Corp. (ATW)

As of November 4th, 2010
Filing Date Transaction Date Insider Name Ownership Type Securities Nature of transaction # or value acquired or disposed of Unit Price
Nov 04/10 Oct 31/10 Morrison, Brian Patrick Direct Ownership Options 50 - Grant of options 300,000 $0.100
Nov 03/10 Oct 31/10 Kaloti, Jasvir Kaur Direct Ownership Options 50 - Grant of options 500,000 $0.100
Nov 03/10 Oct 31/10 Bowering, Andrew William Direct Ownership Options 50 - Grant of options 1,000,000 $0.100
Nov 03/10 Oct 31/10 Butler, Brent William Direct Ownership Options 50 - Grant of options 1,000,000 $0.100
Nov 03/10 Oct 31/10 Harris, Graham Direct Ownership Options 50 - Grant of options 1,225,000 $0.100
Oct 26/10 Oct 20/10 Harris, Graham Indirect Ownership Common Shares 10 - Acquisition in the public market 100,000 $0.090
Oct 21/10 Jul 30/10 Morrison, Brian Patrick Direct Ownership Options 00 - Opening Balance-Initial SEDI Report    
Oct 20/10 Oct 15/10 Harris, Graham Indirect Ownership Common Shares 10 - Acquisition in the public market 50,000 $0.100
Oct 20/10 Oct 08/10 Harris, Graham Indirect Ownership Common Shares 10 - Acquisition in the public market 15,000 $0.100
Oct 20/10 Oct 08/10 Harris, Graham Indirect Ownership Common Shares 10 - Acquisition in the public market 177,000 $0.120

And second, here's this week's NR from ATW.v that, magically, sees the company trying its luck in the latest hot sector for mining, rare earths. Seems like ATW.v has picked up some sort of REE property and will try to reinvent itself in a sector already replete with shysters and overpumped dogs.

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Nov. 2, 2010) - ATW Gold Corp. (TSX VENTURE:ATW - News), ("ATW" or "the Company"), announces signing of a Letter of Intent (LOI) with 0857796 B.C. Ltd., a private company (the "Vendor") for the purchase of a 100% interest in 64 unpatented lode claims in western Utah. The lode claims comprise the Honey1-5 and the HC claims. These claims are collectively known as the Honey Comb Hills Project (the "Property"). The project area of the Property covers approximately 2 square kilometers and is located in the Fish Creek District, Juab County approximately 2.5 hours southwest of Salt Lake City.
The Property is in close proximity to Great Western Minerals Group's (GWMG) Deep Sands REE project.
The Property comprises an alkalic rhyolite flow dome complex yada yada liar's bullshit continues here

IKN says: DO NOT GO NEAR ATW GOLD (ATW.v). Leopards do not change their spots, these people have the most awful record of ripping off shareholders and using the corruptible mining media to promote their bullshit....and they've proven without much doubt that they have no idea about actual mining (they know all about mining other people's pockets, however). These people should be in prison and would be in any other country than Canada, home to the world's most toothless regulators. DYODD dude, but you've been warned about ATW Gold now so don't come running to me, ok?

News Roundup (going all Lowell on you)

Many kind readers have sent in links to several articles about the supposed massive Titanium discovery in Paraguay announced last week. Under normal circumstances you'd have to take a report like that with a pinch (maybe cellar) of salt, but on this one we are automatically obliged to take it very seriously indeed. That's because David Lowell has put his name to it.

Want to know more about Lowell? This excellent Bloomie article is part biog, part tribute and every nice thing said about Lowell is totally deserved. Today's must-read for mineheads.

Meanwhile, Connie Mack is looking to move US-LatAm relations back to....oooooh, to the early 19th century, approximately. 2011 looks set to be a fun year for Americas Politikwatchers.

The Cuban aircrash yesterday took the lives of 40 Cubans, nine ten Argentines, seven Mexicans, three Dutch, two Germans, two Austrians, one Spanish, one French, one Italian, one Japanese, one Venezuelan. We put our petty everyday worries and neuroses into sharp context today when thinking of their loved ones.

The UN Human Development Index, LatAm's rankings

The United Nations has its five-yearly Human Development Index out this week, so if you want the nitty gritty on it all click through to the UN page right here. Meanwhile, IKN charts how LatAm countries are faring amongst the 169 countries in the survey.

Best ranked is Chile at number 45, with Argentina close behind. But what we really need is context, so digging a little deeper this chart shows how LatAm states have developed in the five year period since the last report, dated 2005. The green bars show the positive ranking moves made, the red ones mean that the country has slipped down the rankings by the number indicated. No bar by the country name means no change.

We now see the best progress has been made (according to the UN at least) by Argentina, Panama and Peru, with Venezuela, Chile and Colombia all doing good too. The biggest drop is registered by Bolivia, with Mexico, Ecuador and Nica all moving down by two spots as well.

Chart of the day is....

...copper (daily candles), which is really on a roll.

Telling you dudettes and dudes, I'm a happy holder of Antares (ANM.v) all the way through its selling process. The chances of a counterbid aren't great but do exist, but in the meantime ANM is now proxy paper to which is on a real run itself. 

Meanwhile, I lost a small gentleman's wager on this news out of Chile last night, as I told a friend who's smarter than me (his blog is here) that Collahuasi wouldn't go on strike. It went on strike (though it's not expected to last long). I like Chile's unions; not afraid of spreading the wealth.



The marketing department of IKN Nerve Centre™ (aka the wife) has told me to do this post. Now i may be a bit slow about some things but I'm not stupid enough to disagree with the boss, so here goes with a paste of this unsolicited testimonial from Subscriber 'DC' received this afternoon. Stock tickers have been removed.

Hi Otto

Just a quick note of appreciation for the latest copy - a high standard as ever but a couple of standouts for me personally.

1. The 'tutorial' on Fundamental analysis was high standard and most appreciated - thank you. Whilst this sort of thing could be overdone I do hope you consider continuing this in the future.

2. The specific analysis of XXX was VERY welcome. Although it is not one of your picks I bought into this ........ back in Apr 2009 and whilst I have done well it is good to see a methodical analysis of the current state of play.

BTW much kudos with your performance - very nice to see XXX AND XXX storming on (not to mention XXX).

A loyal and very satisfied subscriber.



Mexico's rocketing murder rate

Mexico's newspaper of record Reforma is the source for the numbers in this chart, though you may prefer this report on the same data as Reforma needs registration.

10,035 murders in the first 10 months of 2010, which compares to 2275 in Felipe Calderón's first year.

IKN recommends Green Laser Reviews

This humble corner of cyberspace is all for people who want to clean up the dirty scammy world of stock market rip-offs and the scumbags who run them, so today we give a hearty cheer and recommend to Green Laser Reviews.

Green Laser Reviews is run by Christoph Amberger, a guy we stumbled onto when featuring the BS pump ran by Porter Stansberry on Nautilus Mining ( back in July. Amberger ran his own note on the NUS story and showed his two decades worth of smarts on the subject for all to see as he made a whole series of insightful observations on how these promos work.

So today I get a nice mail from Amberger, saying that partly due to the interest generated in his angle of the exposure he started Green Laser Reviews. Here's a bit of blurb from his website that explains things well.

"Green Laser Reviews spends its limited resources on reviewing and analyzing promotions for newsletters and trading services that stand out. Either by the audacity of their claims, the sloppiness of their thinking, the number of misleading “facts,” or the pure, unadulterated chutzpah of their creators.
"Naturally, that skews our samples toward those of a slightly shady nature: Well-researched, well-argued, clean, and fact-checked promos don’t require critical review… as they already underwent it in their creation!
"Accordingly, we only include publishers in our ratings whose publications we’ve reviewed, or whose themes, leads, or teasers we found to be incredible. Of course, this skews our pool of candidates somewhat to the whacky and wild. But it doesn’t mean that ALL their promotional output is fraudulent, or that their newsletter products are bad. Just that they have a tendency to play it fast and lose on the promo side…"

So on checking out his site (free, easy, well written, plenty of lights shone at the stock promo cockroaches)  I'm keen that others get to read his work, too. So, dudettes and dudes, get smart and make Green Laser Reviews part of your interwebnetpipes life, because it's another 100% free resource that will help you avoid the scamsters and scumballs out there. Do like me and put it on your RSS, or bookmark it or just use the link now found permanently on IKN over there on the right.

Peru's mega gold mines aren't so mega any longer

For years, Peru's gold production has been dominated by three mines, namely Yanacocha (NEM and BVN), Lagunas Norte (ABX) and Pierina (ABX). But that's changing fast, as these three charts show.

This shows output at Yanacocha:

This shows the combined outputs of the the two Barrick mines, Lagunas Norte (aka Alto Chicama) and Pierina:

And this one shows the percentage of the three mines' production to Peru's total monthly gold output.
The times they are a changin' and as we've recently seen, Peru is now far more dependent on the dirtiest and ugliest type of gold mining possible...and doesn't give a toss about it, either.

Oh how they laughed.....

...when The IKN Weekly set a 12 month target price of $4.11 on Fortuna Silver (

That target needs some updating now. IKN79 on Sunday will have more details.


Kinda nice when Goldman Sachs gets its ass handed to it on a plate in less than 24 hours, no?

From Jon at BiiWii this morning:

"....and my COMEX brokers tell me that the seller who piled on with indiscriminate selling of ~10-15,000 DEC futures just before noon yesterday driving the price down over $30 bucks was J. Aron & Co, the commodity arm of one Goldman Sachs. While the number is large and the..." continues here

DYODD, dude.

Buried at the bottom of yesterday's NR from Mercer Gold (MRGP.ob)..

...was this little line:

"The Company also accepts and announces the resignation of Keith Laskowski as Chief Geologist and Director. Mr. Laskowski is resigning this position to concentrate on other business commitments."
Funny that, innit? IKN wishes Laskowski the best of fortune in his other business commitments, because a guy like him with a decent reputation had no business hanging round with the scamsters of Mercer Gold (MRGPob) in the first place

Chart of the day is....

...President Sebastian Piñera of Chile's approval rating before and after the rescue of the 33 trapped miners.

Data here.


IKN leaves its Fed commentary in the capable hands of Owly

BTW, if you actually want to read the Fed text, it's here.

This too

Another Marin Katusa/Casey Research scam

De Tin Marín de do Pingüé...
Tell you what, once you start scratching the surface of how Marin Katusa of Casey Research runs his self-serving enterprises you can't help but notice a trend....kinda lapse of IKN not to have sniffed around this scumball's modus operandi previously, really.

Take for example CBM Asia (TCF.v), a company he pumped non stop in 2009 and early 2010 before suddenly deciding that it "wasn't impressive" any longer. All you need to do is plug in a couple of keywords into Google and things like this pop out (IKN highlights in red):

BULLETIN TYPE: Private Placement-Non-Brokered
BULLETIN DATE: October 21, 2009
TSX Venture Tier 2 Company
TSX Venture Exchange has accepted for filing documentation with respect to
a Non-Brokered Private Placement announced September 16 and 28, 2009:
Number of Shares:        11,000,000 shares
Purchase Price:          $0.30 per share
Warrants:                11,000,000 share purchase warrants to purchase
Warrant Exercise Price:  $0.40 for a three year period
Number of Placees:       100 placees
Insider/Pro Group Participation:
Insider equals Y/
Name                     ProGroup equals P/            No. of Shares
Charles Bloomquist       Y                                    75,000
Ladner Rose Investments
Ltd. (David Elliott
& David Shepherd)       P                                   100,000
Batell Investments Ltd.
(Ken Bates & David
Elliott)                P                                    25,000
David Elliott            P                                   200,000
David Shepherd           P                                   100,000
Lisa Stefani             P                                    80,000
Andrew Williams          P                                    70,000
Ray Rich                 P                                    80,000
Sandeep Atwal            P                                    13,333
Gerald Stefaniuk         P                                    25,000
Finders' Fees:           $72,000 cash payable to Raymond James Ltd.
$22,199.94 cash payable to Global Securities
$100,000 cash payable to Vancouver Venture
Report (Marin Katusa)
$3,600 cash payable to Tom Byrne
Pursuant to Corporate Finance Policy 4.1, Section 1.11(d), the Company
must issue a news release announcing the closing of the private placement and
setting out the expiry dates of the hold period(s). The Company must also
issue a news release if the private placement does not close promptly. Note
that in certain circumstances the Exchange may later extend the expiry date of
the warrants, if they are less than the maximum permitted term.

Yep, in the middle of his pumping TCF.v ran a $3m private placement at 30c, which got upped to $3.3m (11m units, with a now totally worthless warrant attached at 40c) for which Marin Katusa managed to pocket a cool $100,000 in finder's fees commissions. And yeah, this is the very same TCF.v that hired his Casey Research buddy and PP running pal Marc Bustin (as in "bustin your bank a/c", probably) as consultant...i wonder what group of people ended up paying those consultancy fees?

But anyway, let's see how TCF.v has done since that PP was filed as closed:

Hmm, not so hot. But don't worry Caseysheep, at least you can gain solace from the fact that not everybody lost as much money as you did on that deal, cos the guy that got you into this dog walked away with 100k in his pocket. Better born lucky than rich, eh Marin?

A Flash update...

 ...went out to subscribers about ten minutes ago. And as a wise man told me very, very recently:

"Never fall in love with a stock and by the same token, never fall in hate with a stock."

Taseko Mines (TGB) ( A leaky boat

Hey, remember all that flashcrash thing about Taseko Mines (TGB) ( ("TKO"...geddit?) on October 14th when the stock fell a squillion or so on 23m shares traded? Well here's the chart to yesterday.....

.....and here's an excerpt of the news from Reuters today about TGB:
Nov 2 (Reuters) - The government of Canada has decided to block the development of Taseko Mines' (TKO.TO) controversial copper-gold mine in British Columbia, Environment Minister Jim Prentice said on Tuesday.
Ottawa's decision -- based on "concerns about the significant adverse environmental effects" -- overrules British Columbia's provincial government, which had granted permission for the Prosperity project to go ahead.
The news hammered shares of Taseko Mines, which fell 25 percent to $4.89 in after-market trade in the United States.
And here's the "extremely disappointed" TGB's NR this morning. Seems the market was trying to tell you something after all, no? Oh by the way, Franco Nevada ( is taking a bit of a bath on this news too, what with its royalty stream affected.

Gold This Morning: Where Are the Sellers?

If you haven't seen the series already, BiiWii's now very regular guest poster "Jon" (who just happens to be someone who has forgotten more than us mere mortals know about gold and emerging markets) has been giving his wise saws and modern instances in the series "gold this morning". Today's offering is as good as ever. "Where are the sellers?" asks Jon. Exactly.

You should make BiiWii's "gold this morning" series part of your morning reading. Well, only if you want to make a profit in the markets, that is. DYODD, dude.

UPDATE: Where are the sellers? In NYMEX, of course. Here's the chart, courtesy of Kitco:

Now I'm not one that dwells much on manipulation conspiracy theories, the type that keeps the tinfoilhat brigade awake at night with their righteous indignation attacks, but it's pretty clear that New York is trying to keep a cap on gold at the moment and does it via early session sales when NYMEX opens. In today's case gold rallied to 1365 overnight on world markets, but NYMEX opens and it gets pounded back down to the 1350 level, cutting off the rally.

Yes, the PM markets are manipulated. Of course they are, so stop your freakin' whining, get used to the idea and allow the artificial moves to make you money, not just give you a dumbass fist-waving opportunity.

Mystery chart day

Here's a very interesting chart of a very interesting company...and a total tease (aren't we just horrid?).

Last time we ran a mystery chart it got guessed way too easily by way too many of you, so this time not even the timescale. But subscribers will know it as the stock we got all "emotional" about in the conclusion section of IKN78, out last Sunday. For the rest of you, answers on a postcard please to the usual address

Otto Rock
Gents restroom
3rd cubicle along (wide stance)
St Paul Airport

But until then.........

RBC on exploration stage gold juniors

Reader 'BF' kindly sends in the report out of RBC dated November 1st, a more-than interesting look at the world of junior gold exploration plays with a decent valuation methodology applied to the names, too. This report covers a lot of ground in just 11 pages and is well worth the time of anyone with investments in this sector.

IKN recommends this report and offers it as a download from this link. Enjoy.

Chart of the day is....

...taken from this FT article and shows the growing dependency Brazil has on primary exports.

Not that surprising given the hike in commodities prices, but still the opposite direction to that planned by Lula's Brazil. Hey Dilma, build a factory or two yeah?


Incredible! Peru's despicable Madre de Dios gold production now accounts for 16% of country production

 It's getting worse and worse in the Amazon Basin of Peru.

We've been through this dirty little secret before, and how it's kept away from the news media by the lying scumbags running Peru, with numbers and photos of the ecological disaster they've created while pretending to care about the decimation in the Amazon Basin.

Well, September's gold production numbers out of Peru take this shame to new lows. Here's the amount of gold from Madre De Dios, with last month's massive increase clear to see. IT'S GONE UP 26.3% IN JUST ONE MONTH, FER CRYIN' OUT LOUD!

Here's the chart that tracks what percentage of Peru's gold comes form this most disgusting of mining areas. It's incredible....that ecological trainwreck now provides 16% of the country's gold! Vomitworthy.

Is it only little me that cares about this? When will a real, mainstream media reporter get round to picking up on this story and giving it the airtime it so urgently needs?

Brent Cook on BNN's 'Market Call' tonight 7pm EST

Every once in a while something is worth watching on teevee. It doesn't happen very often but tonight throws up one of those occasions with Brent Cook appearing on BNN's Market Call for a full hour this evening., Tuesday November 2nd. The show starts at 7pm EST so make sure you're watching because you'll be smarter about rocks afterwards, that's a cert.

Headsup complete. You do have please that nice day yes thank you very well.

UPDATE: A message from the bearded one himself:
It's live TV.  If any of you have any questions it would of course be great to hear from you.  The number is toll-free 1-877-667-6288 or from Toronto 416-957-8199.  You may email questions to

Copper story stolen from Scotia Daily Mining Scoop

They stole from DJNW, IKN steals from them. Why? Because it's interesting stuff. so read on, kind lector:

- Interesting Article on China wanting to be 30% self-sufficient in copper production by 2015:  They are looking to consolidate the smelting business to 3 or 4 strong players and will encourage miners to step up mineral exploration in China especially around old mines and surrounding areas.  Beijing wants Chinese copper producers to “expedite investment and cooperation in overseas markets such as South America to ensure stabe supply from overseas”.  Scotia Mining sales believes Norsemont’s Constancia project in Peru (ticker NOM-CN, not covered) which is on the verge of getting fully permitted for construction and awaits an updated feasibility which management believes could double NAV to over $1B is the logical target for a Chinese producer.

Mining PRs and the Ottotrans™, Part 30

Today's Ottotrans™ takes in this morning's NR from Altius Minerals (

This is what they wrote:

ST. JOHN'S, NEWFOUNDLAND AND LABRADOR--(Marketwire - Nov. 2, 2010) - Altius Minerals Corporation ("Altius") (TSX:ALS - News) is pleased to announce that it has entered into an agreement with Cranberry Capital Inc. ("Cranberry") to establish a new company that will invest principally in early stage mineral exploration businesses. Altius will contribute $25 million in initial capital to the new company while Cranberry will contribute $3 million and its President Paul van Eeden will become the President and CEO of the new company.
Altius' President and CEO, Brian Dalton commented, "Altius has a long history with Paul in his roles as a former stock broker and substantial shareholder of our company, and more recently in an advisory consultancy capacity with us. We believe that an excellent opportunity exists for capital growth through patient investment in early stage companies and that Paul's background, industry contacts and track record make him ideally suited to identify such investments. The structure of the new company that sees Cranberry Capital and Altius invest together is particularly encouraging."
Paul van Eeden is an independent businessman with over 25 years of experience. He is the President of Cranberry, which, through its subsidiaries, is involved in equity financing, lending, mergers and acquisitions, and consulting to mineral exploration companies. Mr. van Eeden is a well-known investor and market commentator and previously operated a highly successful investment newsletter that focused on investments in the junior mineral exploration sector. He has built an extensive network of contacts throughout the global natural resources sector.

And this is what it means:

ST. JOHN'S, NEWFOUNDLAND AND LABRADOR--(Marketwire - Nov. 2, 2010) - Altius Minerals Corporation ("Altius") (TSX:ALS - News) is pleased to announce that Paul van Eeden has quietly dropped all that thing about gold being overvalued that he stuck to for years on end. Kulu Draught served, the end.

Chart of the day is....

....made to offer a little perspective.