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Blogs don't matter, Pacific Rubiales ( edition

Here's a five chart of Pacific Rubiales ( that shows the end of last week's action and the two days of this week.

And just so things are clear, this one shows matched up against ^XOI, the Amex Oil Index, to show how the stock has done compared to the industry benchmark.

A 10% gap between the industry benchmark and PRE? Wowsers, so what's changed? Well, there was this superlative post about by Setty that hit the wires on Sunday March 27th which pointed out the recent issues over at the company and especially how management has been playing the mushroom politics well as making significant insider sales on info of bad production numbers that it held back from the world. And if you haven't worked it out already, Setty is a dude read by anyone who needs to keep in touch with the LatAm O&G scene .....due mainly to his brilliance.

The thing is, as Setty pointed out in his post last weekend it would have been much easier for the IR department to have answered his mails and calls for replies to his queries and presented its side of the case that (knowing the fair-handed Setty as I do) would have made it into print to balance things up, but that never happened. We can only assume that the mighty and rich Public Relations people were too busy lunching and couldn't be bothered to talk to a pissant little blogger. But hey never mind that, IR department, you've only lost over $510m in market cap since Monday. What's half a billion between friends these days?