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Greystar ( Bad news for Nicholas CampbellSoup of Canaccord

And thus Greystar ( bows to the inevitable and withdraws its plans to develop the Angostura gold deposit in the Páramo de Santurban region of Colombia:

How you feeling, Soupy? Looks like you're going for a quick doublefail in Colombia with your very silly "got 10m oz" call on Batero (BAT.v) the other day, too.

PS: Oh yeah, nearly forgot. Don't just laugh at Nicholas CampbellSoup's Colombia thoughts, cos you'd  also be wise in the future not to take investment advice about junior mining companies from the people at Amber Capital LLC, of 990 Third Ave, Suite 200, NY NY USA. After all, they decided to up their holding to 10% of this dog this month. Hopefully, they weren't playing sillyfools with your money, gentle reader. NR excerpt right here for your dee lek tay shun:
"After giving effect to the acquisition noted in item 2 above, the Offeror beneficially owns and controls 8,422,343 common shares in the capital of the Company, representing in the aggregate approximately 10% of the outstanding common shares of the Company (based upon the 84,218,363 common shares stated by the Company to be outstanding as of November 9, 2010)"