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Marin Katusa front-runs and screws his Casey Research sheep...again

Hey dudettes and dudes, remember East West Petroleum (EW.v), the Marin Katusa pumped scam that zoomed higher late last year on his incessant pumping? Well IKN does and so we thought it was a good time to see how Marin's bigshot hot tip was getting on since it ran its $30m dollar financing in December. So here's the chart:

Oh looky, the thing has dropped like a stone and is back to the pre-pump price levels. Now there's a shocker. Y'know, I think we should name this kind of chart action after Marin, as I know he'd be pleased to have a moniker out there in TA. So as Bollinger has his bands and Mac has his Dee, what about the Katusa Krush?

Let us remember at this point that East West Petroleum (EW.v) is the very same company that 1) is being pumped by Casey Research and 2) gave fat finder's fees to KBH Capital, the entity comprised of Casey Research's Marin Katusa, Casey Research's Marc Bustin and Casey Research's Joe Hung and also let's note how 3) Marc Bustin was put in as a director of EW.v last year. More details on the sordid connections to Duggie's self-serving empire right here (along with reminders of how Katusa's similar foray with TCF.v ended very very badly).

And the cherry on the cake is that the company chairman is a guy named David Sidoo, a Vancouver restauranteur and buddy buddy of....roll on the've guessed already havent you?...Marin Katusa! Sidoo dude, you shudda stuck to waiting on tables.