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Want to help the Japanese? Then donate to Mexicans

Los Topos (the mole men) are the world famous voluntary brigade (that's right, they don't get paid for risking their lives and saving others) of Mexicans that fly out at a moment's notice to dig other people out of collapsed buildings in the event of an earthquake, so not surprisingly right now they're in Japan and adding to their previous count of thousands of lives saved in all parts of the world. Evergood Mexico site The Mex Files has more on their tasks at this post today and also gives out a paypal address to donate cash to Los Topos that IKN repeats right here:

I've used that PayPal payment address this morning and, if you want to help the Japan relief effort but haven't worked out a good way of doing so yet, perhaps you'd also consider this most excellent cause (and if you live in a earthquake zone the way I do there may even be a moment when the Topos change your own never know).  There's a bank account that accepts donations to Los Topos over at the MexFiles post, too.