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ECU Silver ( Checking in on Wistar Holt's market prowess

Hey dudettes and dudes, anyone remember back in November 2010 when your author got mails from Wistar Holt, the scumball scamster that shows GATA for what it really is? Well if you don't recall, let's just remind you of a couple of the phrases used by Wistar in his missives:

I swear to God that if I ever come across you in person, I will rip you apart.
Got it? 
But of course, you won't ever show up, cause you are a coward!

Isn't this guy just the cutest ever? Anyway, the subject was, of course, his non-stop pumping of ECU Silver ( and the way had just made spurt in the market. Poor little lost boy Wistar couldn't contain his excitement and just had to blurt out how wonderful he was at the time. So let's see how has done since your humble scribe's exchange with Wister Holt:

Hmm...and let's remind people of the wider context of and Wistar, too:

And by some bizarre coincidence, since the continued demise of, even in the face of the amazing run in silver, Wistar Holt seems to have ....