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Got something to hide, Marin?

Looks like Casey Research is into cyberburial of criticisms. Your list of instructions:

  1. Check out the December 2010 IKN post "Marin Katusa's Modus Operandi and East West Petroleum (EW.v)" on the link.
  2. Go to the photoshow at the bottom of the page.
  3. Mouse over the links provided to the biographies of the scummy, self-serving threesome that make up KBH Capital, namely Marin Katusa, Marc Bustin and Joe Hung. You'll note as you mouse over (without clicking) if you look in the bottom left of your screen that the url's originally provided did indeed go to the correct places.
  4. Now click through the three biog links provided. The links now go to completely separate places in the Casey Research website and feature people that don't even work for the shop any more. The internal links have clearly been swapped by Casey people to send people to the wrong places.

Isn't this fun? It's almost as if Marin and his pally pals have something to hide, isn't it?