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How Casey Research fakes its track record

One of the ways it does it like this:

1) Recommend hundreds of stocks
2) Never sell the losers
3) Boast about the amazing track record of closed trades.
Here's an example: Remember last year when we looked at Marin Katusa's bullshit about CBM Asia (TCF.v), the stock he pumped no end before it started sinking in classic Katusa Krush style*? Well at the time he decided to give up on the stock he put a "sell at 30c" call on it, thus avoiding the embarrassment of selling at half that price when his initial recommend was up there at 80c. He justified his bullshit sell-that-isn't-a-sell call by saying that "..[i]t may take some time to sell our stock, but with patience, the merits of the property should allow us an opportunity to exit the stock at or above C$0.30."

So let's see if patience has paid off since those words of Katusa's back in late July 2010:

Hmmm...more of that patience medicine needed, yeah Marin?

This is the Casey Research modus operandi and how it manages to fool so many people into believing its totally unaudited propaganda about unbeatable returns. What's more the above is one example of the many because this happens all the time. So, dear reader, why not start your own unaudited research house yourself? Remember, all you need to do is:

1) Pick a boatload of stocks
2) Take profits on the winners
3) Ignore the losers and never sell them by putting stupid "sell at" calls on them
4) Boast about closed trades.

You'll get 'em flocking to your door, too. Then with the money you make you can leverage yourself into the private placement world and scam them both sides....just like our hero Marin.

*by the way, the similarity between the TCF.v chart and that of EW.v is remarkable. I wonder why? And the chart, come to think of it. Anyone else spot a common denominator between those three?