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Don't worry, it could be worse...

... you might have recommended East Asia Minerals (EAS.v) to your thousands of loyal subscribers just last week before the resource count this morning blew the stock to smithereens. 

I mean, it takes a special kind of talent to wait on the sidelines for all this time and then jump in at the worst possible moment, a talent that you too, kind and gentle IKN reader, can find in Louis 'Lobito' James of Casey Research. Hey Lobito, I'm still trying to decide which line out of your pump piece from last week I liked the best. I'm down to either...

"... its flagship Miwah project in Indonesia... could well be on its way to a monster gold discovery in the tens of millions of ounces."
 ...or perhaps:
"’s the first 43-101-compliant resource estimate that we expect to really drive the market to have another look at Miwah."
Tough choice, but I think I'm going to plump for that second one of yours as the 43-101 resource number today surely did make the market have another look...right before the market hit the panic sell button and thanked the Lord there was a bunch of last minute bagholders on board thanks to you, Lobito.  Anyway, thanks for the guffaws dude. I love comic writing, especially when the writer thinks he's being serious.