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So why isn't the bullshit pumper James West talking about Seafield Resources (SFF.v) any longer?

Oh yeah, that must be why:

The only thing left to ask is, CUI BONO, JIMMYLAD? CUI BONO? Meanwhile, your author's memory is stirred by this post dated December 6th that presaged the drop in this scam. It read as follows:

Seafield (SFF.v): Gotta wonder just how stupid James West is going to look once the hype dies down

The subject matter is Seafield Resources (SFF.v) and its big hole announced last week. This excerpt from James West's Midas Letter dates from December 3rd.
"When the market opens Monday, any shares you can get under a dollar will likely be ten-bagger potential, as with a few more drills holes like this one, and you’ve got Ventana 2 on your hands. (Ventana is currently the subject of a buyout offer by Brazil’s EBX Group for $1.5 Billion.)"

The market looks upon West as a guru. I personally remember him as the dumbass who looked really really stupid by reco'ing Southwestern as a buy just AFTER the Boka scandal broke. Meanwhile, this on SFF.v last week is from the smart guys at Metal Augmentor: For the record, put me firmly in their camp as regards Seafield:
"I’d go as far as saying that anybody who compares Seafield to Ventana Gold (TSX: VEN; Pink Sheets: VENGF) at this point hasn’t even bothered to look at the drill map."

DYODD dude, and laugh hard at self-fulfilling prophecies.

Yup, once upon a six months ago James West peppered his flock with ridiculous "buy at a buck and sell at $5" prophecies for this stock. My how time flies....
Remember James West's advice that geology doesn't matter folks