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Women in power, Americas edition

I've spent a fair chunk of this afternoon ignoring the junior mining carnage and reading this fascinating document out of Save The Children about the lot of women all over the world. From it, here's one chart generated that shows the percentage of women in national government (congress, parliament etc) for all countries of The Americas, plus one or two other well known names for reference purposes. This because I'm a firm believer that the world would be a finer place and wouldn't kill so many people if women were in charge*.

Y'see, and you didn't think The USA and Venezuela had anything in common, did you? Well they do, as in 17% of government seats taken by women. Top comes Cuba with all that Socialist equality namby-pamby, then come the Ticos and Argentina (which proves that even they can do some things right). And what about Brazil, down there at 10%?

*this is done by clear and undeniable scientific logic. A sample is taken, namely myself and my wife. I then note that my wife is a much nicer person than I am. I therefore conclude that women are nicer than men. It then follows that women should be in charge.