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Bear Creek (BCM.v): The Santa Ana protest starts up again

As planned by the protesting locals around Bear Creek Mining's (BCM.v) Santa Ana project, the protest and roadblocks that were put on hold while the second round of the Presidential elections happened are now back in place as of eight hours ago. Also protests against mining projects in the Corani province, where BCM.v's big Corani project lies, are due to start today.

What? You thought this problem would go away now that Humala's been elected? Oh dear, who've you been talking to?

Update: Yes indeed the protest has re-started around the border between Bolivia and Peru (same place as before) and the road is blocked. Also the protest in the Northern part of Puno next to the Corani project has started as well, with the brand new Interoceanic Highway that connects Brazil with Peru blocked at the town of Macusani. Details here.