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James West bails on his pump'n'dump dog Seafield (SFF.v) as well as 27 other juniors

A bottom signal if there ever was one, scamball pumper James West has had enough of the market and has just called sell on a whole bunch of his picks. Here's number one of the list of 28, Seafield Resources (SFF.v), the one he said "accumulate to $1" without knowing anything about the BS drill pump job.
Sell the dogs:
1. Seafield Ventures Ltd. (TSX.V:SFF)
We learned that the CEO and CFO, Tony Roodenburg and James Pirie, doubled their own severance pay this year prior to being replaced as management.
Unethical, for sure, and possibly illegal. We are going to break this story next week, so I’m saying get out of Dodge while you still can, cause this could really take the share price lower.

It's hilarious to hear a scumbag pumper like West talk about "unethical" behaviour. Look in the mirror, dumbass. DYODD and don't listen to the market charlatans. Above information supplied by A. Friend.