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The question I've had for days is how I'd run the Weekly today in the light of the unfolding election in Peru. As it turns out, after considering options and now seeing the way the last couple of days of the campaign as well as the writing has unfolded this weekend I'm going to hold back on publication until this evening and incorporate at least the exit poll results into the script. As the result of the election is going to affect at least a few covered stocks one way or the other, on reflection adding in specifics for the sake of a couple of extra hours seems the right way to go about today.

So all that is a long-winded way of saying "expect The IKN Weekly in the evening hours EST, rather than the afternoon hours". TIA.

UPDATE: We've just heard from the necessary places that as well as the exit polling that will be available as soon as the voting closes at 4pm Peru time (5pm EST), the results of the so-called "fast count" should be available at 8pm Peru time (9pm EST). This "fast count" result is traditionally a very accurate forecaster for the official vote count that takes up to five days and typically gets within a 0.5% margin of error, so as its publication shouldn't be too deep into the evening that's the one we'll be waiting for today.