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Oh goody

It looks like another day of watching the crap get kicked out of my long positions in junior mining companies. Oh what fun. Meanwhile, subscribers can look forward to (??) the previously threatened NOBS fundamentals report on Zincore ( this weekend, as what with it coming off from 90c to 28c in the space of just three months, stuck in a country that has gone directly to jail (do not pass Go do not collect any money at all unless you're short) and concentrated on a metal that nobody seems to care about, now might just be the time to take an initial position in the stock (as the re-wired financing announced this week does smack of value).

Still it's not all bad out there, as B2Gold ( came in with a good quarter of results and made my $12m net earnings guesstimate look pretty neat too (they made $11.4m and I just got lucky, spose). But to give an idea of how tough this market is, BTO can't rally off this good qtr today, Cebollati drill results or not.

Sadly though, any more good news is confined to the Shadenfreud (or however you spell it) department and consists of pointing fingers and laughing at stocks that are tanking which should never have risen in the first place. Great Panther ( an example, but there are lots more besides.

PS: Haywood opened coverage on FVI today with a $6 target....about time, dudes.

Disclosure: No position in yet, anyway. No position in (and extremely unlikely ever to take one, as life's too short). Long

UPDATE: I'm sorry, did I say that BTO couldn't catch a bid earlier....?